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iSPACE Case Statement
I worked with The Yunker Group and directly with the iSPACE executive director to create a case statement to support expansion of the iSPACE facility. The piece was developed as a folder with an 8-page stitched insert, with multiple insert sheets created to best communicate with specific target audiences thereby creating a customizable prospecting tool. To optimize use of the limited funds available for the project, an additional 4-page insert was created that promoted iSPACE services for general marketing purposes. This insert replaced the prospecting insert, so that iSPACE could market their services to local schools and businesses.
iSPACE Case Statement and Inserts
iSPACE Annual Reports

2016 iSPACE ANNUAL REPORT - 8 Page 6” x 9” Booklet

2015 iSPACE ANNUAL REPORT - 8 Page 6” x 9” Booklet
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