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Introductory Brochure
Introductory brochure for Lindner Center of HOPE was created prior to opening the Center. The goal of the piece was to inform providers and donors about the expertise of the clinicians and the services that were going to be offered once opened. The focus was on the mission – clinical care, research and education. 
Case Statement
Lindner Center of HOPE Case Statement for first event dedicated to perspective donors and press. Booklet with mission statement, planned services and giving oppotunties was complimented by video that shared patient and clinician stories. Handouts were printed and supplied as PDF documents to give specifics on the Center.
The Center's first annual report was developed for two purposes – inform donors of how their donations have benefitted the center and to let providers and referrers know of the progress Lindner Center of HOPE has made since opening. Two versions with created – one with donor information and one without. A focud on hope and healing was realized by telling patient stories.

The HOPE magazine was produced quarterly and sent to providers, donors and the community. It offered educational information and supported the Center's mission to promote mental health knowledge and to combat stigma in the community. The 24 page magazine included patient stories, disorder education and helpful suggestions, clinician spotlights, events, and donor opportunities.
A yearly calendar was created and sent to donors and referrers. Stories from patients, donors, referrers and clinicians complimented the original photography of the Center and grounds. Contact information and giving information was included on each page.
Lindner Center of HOPE hosted many outreach events to inform the community and referrers about the services they offered. This event about adolescent services at the Center was promoted via oversize direct mail, electronic newsletter and invitations and web.
Lindner Center of HOPE developed a summer program for pre-adolescents to help patients and family stay healthy. Created full-scale displays used within the Center to promote the program. Flyers distributed through local middle schools, brochures, advertisements and the website promoted the program, which was filled to capacity each year it was offered.
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