Lindner Center of HOPE started new capital and giving campaigns to fund a new addition to the Center, as well as other initiatives. A folder with an 8-page stitched booklet and specific inserts dedicated to the funding opportunities available were created. The design is complimentary to the new brand look for the new services at the Center, since the major giving opportunities are focused on those areas.
To celebrate Lindner Center of HOPE's fifth anniversary, the Center planned new promotional materials and events to celebrate with donors, referrers, staff and the community. This 24 page oversized booklet promoted the successes of the Center's first five years. I designed and art directed the original photography.
When Lindner Center of HOPE aligned their brand with UC Health, every touchpoint with their brand had to be redesigned to compliment the UC Health brand, yet allow for some individuality for the Center. I art directed all promotional brochures, patient education, event announcements, e-newsletters and the website which were completely reworked. 
The Sibcy House brochure was recreated to promote the residential treatment service.
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